Favorite beers from our ever-changing selection

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Inti Punku Ale

Northwest IPA

A perennial favorite amongst guests and staff alike. 7 fruity, citrusy hops brought in at the beginning, middle and end and a light, clean finish make this US northwest classic style right at home in the Sacred Valley.

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Be Kind

American Pale Ale

A classic with the fresh, lemony notes from the Mosaic hop.

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Ayrampo Roja

Red Ale

A well-balanced ale, hoppy and with a toasted caramel malt deliciousness. Local seeds of the prickly pear cactus (ayrampo) give it an extra pop of color.

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Anniversary Ale 2015

Imperial Porter

A big beautiful beer, brewed to celebrate our halloween anniversary! Pumpkin, chocolate, spices, and lucuma blended perfectly to make this beer dessert in a glass.

Raves & Reviews

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untappdratebeertrip advisor

Drank in Cusco. Totally nailed the NW IPA flavors. Best beer in peru so far.

“Riquísimas Cervezas” Súper lugar para ir con amigo o con tu pareja! Es un bar sencillo para ir a tomar cervezas artesanales y de gran calidad.

After two weeks in Peru sampling a variety of beers, this one stands out as one of the best — a finely crafted IPA.


Meet the Team

JoeHeadJoe – the one man brew house

Joe has been into brewing since he was 18, and went pro in 2010. He had worked with great breweries in both California and Oregon, USA before stepping up to do it all himself in the Andes.

JuanHeadJuan – the business half

Juan knows business, tourism, and music. He brings it all together make the company run.

LouHeadLouisa – the lady of the house

Louisa is Joe’s wife, who also brought her business sense, sustainability know-how, and aesthetic eye to building the brewery from the ground on up.

BetoHeadBeto – The go-to guy

Alberto Loayza del Alamo (Beto) gets the beer from here to there and back again, helps to oversee our development projects, and makes sure that it all keeps moving!

HugoHeadHugo – The man behind the taps

Hugo is the newest member of our team. Raised here in Ollantaytambo, Hugo speaks three languages. He runs the day to day activities of the tap room, organizes group visits, and oversees the onsite parties.


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