Sustainability has three parts, the environmental, the social, and the economic. Our company believes very strongly in our responsibility to the communities and ecosystems in which we are a part. Here are some of the ways that we prove it.

Preventing Waste 

Our philosophy is to keep it clean and simple. We compost all of our brewery waste products onsite, and donate all of our spent grain to the local community for animal feed. We are the only brewery in Peru that does not distribute in bottles. Why? Because glass is expensive and wasteful to ship, and it becomes a mountain of trash as soon as you finish. Kegs are simple and preserve the flavor and freshness of the beer. Fill ’em, drink ’em, send them back to us.

We have a custom designed wastewater treatment system on-site for all brewery wastewater, and we are doing a pilot study collaboration with a university in the US to learn about the feasibility for wind power on our land. Finally, we designed our brew system to use the minimal amount of water possible, and have partnered with our watershed communities to stabilize and improve the water system for the whole valley of over 1000 families.

Social projects and partners.

Every end of the month, we throw a party. From each party, we donate 20% of our beer sales to an NGO that is working in our area (Cusco and the Sacred Valley).

Since our first event in January 2015, we have donated over 12000 soles to organizations who are working directly to improve the lives of people in our community through programs in health, economic development, education, and more.

Our NGO partners to date:

Yachay Wasi

Andean Alliance

Threads of Peru

Sacred Valley Project

Mi Pequeña Ayuda  

Kiya Survivors

Ayni Wasi


Escalando Esperanzas

Latin American Foundation for the Future (LAFF)

Camicancha Community Association

Picaflor House


Sol y Luna Association 

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